Sum 41 – Goddamn I’m Dead Again lyrics

Goddamn I’m dead again, woe is me
Seems to be that I’m a wanted man these days
I’m down that rabbit hole but I don’t want to go
Rot in peace, down a dead-end street
I believe I hear em calling, but they’re ringing out of key
They’re saying “Listen boy, may God rest your soul”

Got a lease on borrowed time
It’s catching up to me
Now let it bleed
It’s off with his head, and on with the show
The old king is dead, gone in one fatal blow
And I don’t believe he’ll be coming back for more
Taking the crown of the brand new low

Take a look around you really blew it all to hell
What’s the point of trying unless you’re going to do it well
So get off my back if I’m a god damn misery
And let it bleed (Now let it bleed)

[Chorus x2]

[Guitar Solo]