Slim Jesus – Free Smoke Lyrics

[Produced by K. Griz]

Gang, gang
Gang, gang, gang, gang

All this ice on my neck like hockey
Try and jack my chain and I’m going out like Rocky
I’ll be the last one if you ever try to rob me
Hollow bullets leave your body hot like [?]
You say you want a verse, I need a band for that
I get paid for this shit cause I know how to rap
All this money coming in got my pockets looking fat
All these bitches on my dick cause they know I got these racks
Got the bands now, now I don’t know how to act
Flip a QP then I blow it all in sacks
Catch me out in traffic, guarantee I got a strap
So try to hit a [?], guarantee I blow you back
[?] cause I got that loud pack
Never on that weak shit, bitch I stay on attack
I never let a lick take me for my pack
If you try to run off, then the bullets hit his back

Smoking on a Backwood full of [?]
Riding through [?] where the ops at
Ask my lil bro where the mop at
He said if we catch a op he [?] that
.45 on my waist, not no .38
And everywhere I go, I let my [?]
Fuck these rappers, they don’t want a gang bang
Smoking on your dead homie cause he was a [?]
[?] on my ass, pull up we could match
I see the [?] on your goofy ass
Catch you out in traffic, get your chain snatched
Tell ’em fuck wit hit, get his change back
I hit the mall, spending all this blue cash
But even out in public ops can’t get a pass
I do the drill, then I do the dash
Henny in my cup, that’s why I almost crashed

Gang, gang, gang, gang

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