Run The Jewels – Hey Kids (Bumaye) (feat. Danny Brown) (Run The Jewels 3 Album)

Hey, hey k-
Hey kids!
(This is so crazy!)

[Verse 1: Killer Mike]
Say hello to the masters, on behalf of the classless masses
We showed up, ski masks, picks, and axes to murder asses
Lift up our glasses and watch your palaces burn to ashes
Fucking fascists, who the fuck are you to give fifty lashes
All cause I’m motivated, stimulated, never smoking simulated happy and burning hashes
Killer, killer, dealing with him like he’s a squealer
Get ’em, got ’em, shout ’em, and flipped the matress
Woo! I’m the man bitch, got big ideas, got plans to rob
Any Rothschild living, Bill Gates and the ghost of Jobs
Yeah I said it, I meant it, I ain’t flinchin, Marshawn Lynchin’ it
Run through a motherfucker’s face like ig’nant, isn’t it
Domain eminent, we the preeminant
Villainous willingness, spitting this ready raw rap shit rhyme ridiculous
Enemy grave he digging it, then we piss in it
Us go to hell, we been in it, gettin’ it, yeah


[Verse 2: El-P]
Aye, aye kids
I’m the fucking tits, I hold no regard for no fucking myth, hey
I lived half my life to give half my cash to these half man imps
They got half a heart, they give half a fuck, they got half the guns
I got half an hour, I’ll burn half a pound and I have to run
Killers of the earth get scared
You do not get one word
You do not live for the heard
Even you living’s absurd, better off kicked to the curb
That is my word
Back in the Berenstein timeline zip, no wins for the kid oh shit I got curved
In the Berenstain riff, I’m a Biff, so sick when the clock is lit, the whip swerve
It’s like nothin’ not broke, can’t stand the scope in the booth
I disrobe like pederast pope on a play-date
Better call mayday, baby I’ll spray, I’m an AK
They flayed and plated, I’m serving dead meat fame to table
Cain to Abel, death’s apprentice
Run the Jewels’ll make last breaths Brexit


[Verse 3: Danny Brown]
Word architect, when I arch the tech, I’ll part ya’ neck
Got bars on deck, that Xanax flow, make you nod your head
Like a gram of blow, you inject
My words infect like insects havin’ incest, I’m in check, like pay day on a Thursday and it’s Wednesday
I’m sensei, you bouquet, you menstruate
That’s pussy all on your template, we skate, skate on ’em twenty-eight
Get pearl tongue like every day, so I Run them Jewels in every state
I kill a mic with Killer Mike, roll el’s out a p with El-P
My self-esteem on king, got head so big no crown can’t fit me
No bitch on my ding-a-ling when she ride on it she wet like a jet-ski
Please be alarmed, be warned
Please be alarmed, be warned
Give up that charm or get harmed
Watch, too or your time gone, and the rings or your life pawned and we gone

You made my eardrums bleed and I will pinch you

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