Robb Bank$ – WutUWant

Running low on syrup out here

[Pre-Hook x4]
Tell me what you want, what you want
Tell me what you want, what you want?
How do you want it? How do you feel?
I pull up like nigga on his best day ride with your bad day, I’m for real

[Verse 1]
I know what you want, I know what you want
I know what you want, girl I know what you want
You just-
You just want me gone, you just want me gone
You know what I want, you just went and lost me

[Bridge 1]
Trying to take my own advice
But fuck it, this shit is hard
I completely understand, you know what I’m saying, how some people can give up so quick
I get it
And you not selfish to put yourself first
You not gon’ die alone

[Verse 2]
Lil mama played on the phone, game on the phone
Always gave you what you want, you even came on the phone
Ride for the cause, slide when I call
Kill for you, die for me, you was my motherfucking dog
Tell me where we went wrong, when you cut a nigga off
I can’t show no emotion, I iced out my heart
Been thinking ’bout me since I have been gone
Bitch you haven’t crossed my mind at all
I gotta her off the perc, let’s have some fun
I don’t think I’ll ever fall back in love
I’m hard on these hoes I tell em’ what they want
I bet that you never been fucked by a god
Girl let me bless you up, we need a one on one
You can play all you want, sensitive to my touch
You gave me your heart but ain’t give me your trust
Change your Netflix password you petty as fuck
My Houston Texas broad, she stay on her job
How do you want?
Ride drop top in the Porsche
Hit the city from the night to the morn’
Niggas just talk, everybody wanna be a boss
When it hit the fan, we pull your cards
Savage like the mob
Saw my first dead body at the park
Got my first gun at 13, wasn’t scared to bust

[Bridge 2]
Tell me mama, can you save me baby?
I’ve been going too fast, can you change me lady?
They been pushing me ill up it on a fuck nigga
And we was meant to be, that’s why I fell in love with ya