Rizzle Kicks – Slurp!

Ooo, take it and then frame the picture,
Ooo, making sure you don’t delay,
Ooo, I don’t wanna see the future,
But if we’re not careful we won’t see better days,

My name’s Jordan I hate Piers Morgan,
Mates with James Cordon,
I rate Graham Norton,
Love the bass more than a lot of small-talking,
Too much swiping and not enough walking,
I love animals a lot more than humans,
Or when an owner names their dog like Susan,
Yo for real I hate zoo’s though,
You try and cage me and bruv you’ll get my type judo,
Catch me watching mean girls,
Wearing a t-shirt saying f**k sea world,
Looking through the glass and the happy scene,
Plus I get stared through the window of a MacyD’s
Been real since I remember mate,
All the other dude’s fake like Kylie Jenner’s face,
If I’m ever in a place where I can celebrate,
Then I’d do it with glass of ice and lemonade,

First ice and water then,
Sweeten the taste,
Make sure it’s cold enough,
For goodness sake,
That sunshine yellow,
Can freshen up your day,
So when life gives you lemon’s you should,
Make Lemonade,
(Let’s go yo)
Slurp, Slurp, Slurp,

I said life would be better with a few less Trump’s
A few less Hopkins’s,
A few less chump’s
A lot less junk and a lot more honesty,
A lot less of Michael Owen doing commentary,
Back when Ludicrous was still dropping skill,
Less Iggy Azalea more Lauren Hill,
More depth and a lot less slap and laugh,
Sold light, steppe and storms getting in the charts,
More Corbyn a lot less Johnson,
F**k the Tory’s yo it’s posh nonsense,
I will not be governed by a bunch of crooks,
Just give it to the rich and you’re Robin Hood,
Less Stacy Dash more Boyega,
There’s light an the end of the saber,
If you’re looking through life for a saviour,
Make sure you got a little sugar for your neighbour,

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