Quentin Miller – Expression 3 (Gunmetal Grey Album)

Not the same dude man
I don’t know if that’s a bad or a good thing
Got to do it man
Gotta finish what I started when I came in
I just can’t be stuck up in the same place
Life got me going crazy, going crazy

[Verse 1]
I cannot look at it the same, everything changed
They think they know me cause they know my name, but don’t know a thing
They got opinions, they got opinions
If this shits was worth ten cents I’d be rich
If my name is on it then it’s in my kinda shit
Really, hank them dudes for giving me a shot at this
Even if that shit was not intentional
I just left Miami, I was just off of [?] Grove
Talking ’bout art basel with the prosthetic leg
Nah man you can’t stop what was already planned
Can’t stop me, can’t stop me
Going crazy
I swear, we done been at it for so long
I don’t know how this can go
I don’t think that I’m the same guy
Look in the mirror, I don’t know
He look like someone who been through it
Always had somthing special in him, but never knew it
Like everybody except him knew it
And I don’t he is
Crazy, going crazy


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