Moby – Break.doubt lyrics

[Verse 1]
I won your prizes and more
I went and lost them in a foreign war
Like grace is thrown down the well
Selling off heaven for a perfect hell

All for their ideas of love
All for their ideas of a dying love
Break it up (break it up) and put in line
We shut it down (shut it out) shut it over in time
Say your farewells (not now) say your goodbyes
Repeat after me (with doubt) i will never die
Break doubt…
Break doubt…

[Verse 2]
I can’t fight no more
Not in the future or what’s gone before
I can’t break it if i wanted to give
I can’t kill if i wanted to live
We’re fighting wars in the head here
Tossed in the distant night by the airless fear
We’re fighting wars in the shadows now
I’m fighting wars with the shadow now

[Chorus] x2