Jerrod – Ain’t No Way

No justice no peace

Turn around Nd put ya hands up
Cuffs now, ask later, reprimand us
If you wanna do what’s right gone on stand up
No guns, no violence, put yo hands up
Witness on the news another black life dead
They tell you turn around, BOW shoot you instead
Call for backup but leave you laying for dead
Another black life gone, and that’s the end
Man I’m sick of all this hating
I’m just tired of being so patient
We all sitting here just waitin
For another nigga to get wasted
12 shooting like they gone crazy
Judges starting to act all shady
We just let it happen lately
We just letting em kill our babies why

We fighting fire with fire
We still don’t have no desire
To make the black standard higher
Man we gotta take a stand, gotta be a man, gotta keep our future in our hands

Ain’t no way
Ima sit and let this happen
We have to stand and fight (ain’t no way)
Ima watch it die, keep this hope alive, it’s gone be alright (ain’t no way)
I can let this go on, I gotta be strong
I can make a stand, we can make a stand !!

USA the land of the free
The government corrupt with liars and hypocracy
If this land is so free, why must we have so many penalties
For exercising rights, and living the good life so freely
Like Colin kapernick, he didn’t take a stand
Now he being criticized, like this man had some contraband
But we letting things slide, like cases with Sandra bland
But gabby is scrutinized cause she didn’t raise up her hand

Wow wow this world full of contradictions
I’m seeing where it’s going living in this premonition
That’s why we gotta take a stand, gotta be a man, gotta keep our future in our hands

I ain’t afraid to die, when I stand for what’s right I’m gone alright
Death has lost its sting we got the victory now I can say I’m free
Let’s gone make this thing happen 3x let’s gone and make thing thing