Curren$y – Hovi Baby Lyrics

Hot Spitta
I just pop-pop niggas
Rich Boys man
Sports Center Vol. 1
T-R-U man
What’s going on with it
(?) on the boards
Rich boy (?)
Rich boy (?)
Rich boy (?)
Honorary rich boy (?)
One love man

Cop the uncoppable
Buy the unbuyable
My rims so big the damn truck is undrivable
That’s hundred percent truth, no stunting
Every time I try to turn my damn tires rubbing
That’s how these motherfuckers know a nigga’s coming
Ladies running to hug him
Niggas (?) and they mumbling
But ain’t bugging on what these niggas do
I just cop a bigger coupe
And fit it up with bigger shoes
It ain’t another nigga fucking with the dude
Still claim the same game T-crooked R-U
They call me Curren$y because my money long
Got you pissed ’cause your girl know the words to my songs
But don’t trip, she’s not doing nothing wrong
She appreciate a nigga when his flow so strong
Money, clothes, and chrome
That be how the niggas known
And I ain’t got to buy jerseys no more
My closet look like a (?) store
You nigga know what I mean
Hall of fame shit
You would think I get my jerseys out a time machine
Ride around with a nine on me
Cheap ass chains you never find on me
If its (?) you haters get back
Hot Spitta for real man
How gangsta is that?

Hot Spitta man
I just do what I do
Do what I does
Respect it, yeah
Rich boy, Sports Center Vol. 1
I could’ve kept going but why man
T-R-U straight up and and down
(?) on the boards
One shot nigga holla

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