Cryface Jordan – Neutral

I can tell you all my secrets when no one’s around
Oh, I know you want me to
You won’t see me on the weekend, no
Nowhere to be found, keep it on the ground
World is sleeping
I know, you know I’m stuck in neutral
You were my joy, it’s like a two door
But your body, your body is so clear
We don’t ever argue bout a damn thing

I couldn’t do it if I wanted to
Got so much upon my plate and I can’t carry you too
That’s why I tell you keep it light
Just bring an [?] for the night
And in the morning we could see where this si going
If it’s right
You ain’t mine, both know the money weights [?]
So when it goes almost [?]
It fits you alright
Baby, yeah you’re patient when I take you on vacations and things
Whatever it needs to make you feel special


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